What Makes Relate Different

“Helping clients make smarter personal finance decisions” is a key selling point for financial advisers. Without a doubt, there is value in making smart financial decisions. Why would people hire advisers if they didn't provide a valuable service? Relate differentiates itself from other advisers in how it defines that value.  

Value is the monetary worth of a good or service compared to the price paid for it. The goal at Relate is to have the financial benefits to the client exceed the cost to serve them. This is an important distinction. Choose your financial adviser and your definition of value wisely.

The name Relate is more than just the name for the business. It is a reminder to genuinely understand a client and to relate to their situation. This is critical regardless of what type of help a client is looking for, from creating a portfolio to a full retirement plan.

John realizes that people are looking for value when they spend their money. Why spend $100 for something that is worth $50? Therefore, the goal at Relate Personal Finance is to help clients in a way so that the financial benefits are greater than the cost of serving them. This is something that anyone should ask of their financial advisor.

Relate Personal Finance is a service provider. Generally, when you hire a financial advisor, you look for him or her to apply their knowledge and experience to your situation. At Relate Financial you will always interact with John. There are no assistants or other financial advisors. Relate Personal Finance does not maintain set business hours because John understands that clients may need to speak with him in the evening or on a weekend - John takes the idea of good customer service very seriously.

What Sets Relate Apart

John O’Brien is a financial professional with a background in Accounting, Economics and Finance; as well as completion of a Personal Finance certificate program. He has also worked in corporate finance as well as positions at the NASD (Nasdaq Stock Market) and the Federal Reserve.

John lives in Bryn Mawr, PA with his wife, Beth and their three children. John enjoys distance running, coaching and cheering on his children and, sadly, reading financial planning periodicals.

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John O'Brien,


John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level. By approaching financial advice with a coach-like approach, John's goal is to inspire clients to take control of their own financial future.

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