Only 52% of pre-retirees consult a financial adviser

Every year, less and less people are visiting a personal financial advisor for situations like health care, long-term care, inflation, and retirement planning. According to Forbes, "only 52% of pre-retirees and 44% of retirees consult a financial planner or adviser."

Many people of the younger generations are reluctant to see a financial adviser because they are not thinking about retirement yet. The fact of the matter is that seeing a financial adviser is not just about saving for retirement, but other major milestones and even everyday spending. Financial advisors can assist with a variety of money saving projects, including credit card debt and car payments.

Despite this, 96% of pre-retirees are concerned to some extent about their long-term financial future; something that could be easily remedied by meeting with a personal financial advisor. 

More Millennials Need to See a Financial Adviser

Only 50% of the Millennial generation are meeting with a financial adviser. As they graduate college and enter the working force, Millennials need help with paying off college debt while saving money at the same time.

Meeting with a financial adviser helps create peace of mind and confidence in anyone's money savings habits.

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